The severity of a Neko Punch, details inside.

After taking my morning stroll through a local park, I couldn't help but contemplate the infamous Neko Punch that plagues our very own blog section. That being said, I was reluctant to create an experiment and hypothesize whether a Neko Punch is effective enough in vanquishing haters and trolls. 

Question: Does a Neko Punch possess the ability to ultimately silence people who detest you, particularly those who attempt to troll you? 

Research: Remarkably, after basking myself in books and books of information on various hand combat moves, I was unsuccessful in finding the true definition of a Neko Punch to hence epitomize its so-called "severity" and "effectiveness." 

Hypothesis: A Neko Punch DOES possess the ability to mute and obliterate opposing foes, whether in real life or behind a computer screen. 

Experiment: In order to execute a proper experiment, I was forced to acquire samples from the blog section itself. I observed various blogs, acting as a mere bystander in the whole verbal spat that has unfortunately plagued our blog section between the beautiful Ms. Neko and an array of haters, and was more than obliged to post some screenshots. 

One of the most Neko Punched haters that I have witnessed is from the user Tyaeda:


This comment in particular initiated my experiment as one can obviously note the effects of being Neko Punched. Tyaeda is scared, paranoid, and most of all ANGRY at Neko hence alluding to the effects of being Neko Punched. One piece of data, however, was not enough as I then proceeded to create both an experimental and control group. The experimental group was the plethora of folks who showed severe signs of being Neko Punched while the control group was my alternate IDs, which showed no effect to the Neko Punch. 

Effects of being Neko Punched (these are fortified by the pictures below):

- paranoia: one assumes that every "irate" user is Neko. Neko ... that's Neko! Neko! EVERYBODY IS NEKO!!!!- sweating, dizziness, incoherent rambling: sure signs of being Neko Punched. - inability to recover: most targets who have been Neko Punched cannot fully recover from their daze and thus show obvious signs. - ineffective name calling.- coming into the blog section drunk to cope with the aftermath of being Neko Punched. 

Please observe:

A CLEAR sign of being Neko Punched: pizza? Why is Mr. Letmedangle talking about pizza? He's obviously baffled and lost. 

Pure incoherency - brod, causin, choke a bitch? How can Mr. LardInfamous "choke a bitch" on the Internet? It makes you ponder of how severe the Neko Punch actually is. 

A poor sign of name calling - serioulsy fucking retarded. Neko has surely gotten to this poor soul with her Neko Punch. 

A hopeless cause who has been Neko Punched so hard that he can't even grasp the fundamentals of the Internet or control his alcohol intake. Rest in peace, young one. May the spirit of Gyps be with you. 

Reverting to reassurance to try and remedy the Neko Punch - no ma'am, you cannot escape the effects of being Neko Punched. 


Part of the "stupid bitch" group, Gyps actually proved nothing with her stupid slut post. This part is just here to exemplify what someone can become if they are Neko Punched on a daily basis. Be warned. 

An AndrewRyan control troll - note the lack of effects being exhibited by the member of the control group? Pure brilliance and thusly emphasizes the visible effects of being Neko Punched.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the hypothesis being tested was in fact true as the severity of a Neko Punch is so severe that those who are Neko Punched can no longer process legitimate and coherent thoughts. 

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