You guys. OMG you guys. It happened again. I pooped.
It was a glorious poop but this poop ends with a twist!  Like really, I looked down into the toilet before I wiped, and while most of it was a pretty solid log, it had a lil curly tail at the end. It was cute. Like a lil pigy tail.
Wiping went pretty much as expected. 
It was weird cause usually I poop pretty early in the morning, but this time it was nearly the afternoon. I was about to shower and I decided I should just squeeze it out before I cleaned myself.  I didnt even have to poop, it just occurred to me as I was already peeing with the shower running, mere seconds away from getting in and washin my smokin hot bod. Which is funny cause I'm pretty hairy so sometimes I just use shampoo all over instead of soap. Anyway... where was I? Oh yeah. I decided to take a squat and force one out.
Maybe its because my body wasn't asking for the poopin, but of course I weighed myself again, before and after. The poop looked normal sized, I was guessing about half a pound.  Can you guess what it weighed? Of course you can. Go ahead. I'll just type meaningless bullshit while you discuss it with your peers. Can you imagine what it would be like if Obama admitted to being a Reptilian? Or if shylilazn admitted to being a guy? Or what if instead of thumbs on ebaums they had flacid penises and boners? K, you've had about enough time I bet. My poop today weighed .4 pounds. Were you close? Let me know in the comments.
The poop itself was a pretty decent color, shape, and size. All in all, I'd say it was a very productive movement.
And now you know. This is the SHIZNIT.
Uploaded 06/18/2013
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