the_big_bad think's I'm lord_infamous!

This message in my inbox this morning made me giggle. Sorry to disappoint you, the_big_bad, but you're wrong. I imagine you thought I would break into a cold sweat when you told me you'd refer to me as Lord_Infamous, but nay, I only laughed heartily, though I am very flattered.

I imagine he made this assumption because of a comment left on lord_i's latest blog, stating that he's the only true genius in the blog community. This must have gotten his panties all twisted, since he is a semi-regular blogger himself.

I only WISH I could be as humble (and not to mention shrod to shit) as lord_infamous. So you'll have to try again, the_big_bad, and if you find out WHO he actually is, let me know - because I'm quite curious myself. I meebo'd with him once, and he didn't even break character!

I really don't think anything lord_i does is actually ILLEGAL. It's parody, pure and simple. Regardless of what his subject matter may be. So maybe you should get back to using your "real-world pull" on your nether regions, or whatever, and stop trying to police eBaum's World.

Lord_i is an expert troll. Accept this fact, and you may find peace in life.







November 04, 2009 11:29 pm




Hello hello,I'm not sure which to refer to you as; I guess Lord_Infamous will do for now.I've still got a pile of shit to do, so I'll make this quite brief: "Stop with the blogs involving kids."Or, to be more accurate, the ones involving children in a violent and/or predatorial way.It would be a shame to have to use my 'real-world' pull to get the point across. Pissing with people or not, I've logged a few of the past blog gems and...surprise surprise!....they qualify as a crime!I'm sure the obvious question right now to ask yourself would be "what other information does this cock have on me?" You probably don't wanna know.I know you might get a kick out of the crap...maybe even a sick, twisted release of some deep-seeded tics waiting to burst out; who know? My point is, the internet is not as faceless as you might think, and you never know who all the other 'faceless' folks are who frequent the site. (You're not a stupid person; do the math here.)So.....stop with the kid-kill crap. It'll be easier on us both if you do.Cheers!-"The Big Bad"
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