These Blog Wars Are Getting Old

I really dont wanna take sides here or be everyones mother and say: I dont care who started it, youre all grounded with no TV and no desert for a week. Im gonna do something different because thats what a platypus does best.


First we have Rednote and Onihime getting kinda pissed at each for some racist stuff thats been said lately. I like onihime because shes canadian like me and shes usually has something interessting to say in the comments. Since shes black I can understand that some things Rednote said were insulting to her. Bottom line is, we all have things about other cultures that we dont like. Its not a big deal unless we decide to make one. My advice (take it or leave it) would be for rednote to tone it down a bit and for onihime to ignore what she thinks is stupid.


Rednote, you are not afraid to be yourself and I like that. I think at this point we just all want to see another side of you. Im sure theres a whole lot more about you than Black People VS Niggers.


Then we have 15 yr old (16 tomorrow) white chocolate calling out tizzle for a battle blog. WC, I promised not to bitch at your underage ass but just quit trying to fight with your words. This isnt a diss, im advising you to back off because no matter how lame I think tizzle is, hes got more insults in his bag than you.


Go there for my cheesy ending credits song

Uploaded 06/30/2009
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