This Dude Tried “Butt Stuff” With His Girlfriend For The First Time And It Went Horrendously

The butt, for many people it appears to be a pretty attractive feature. With superstars like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj in the limelight it seems that the whole world is slowly developing a booty obsession. However, certain members of society are not satisfied with a  look here or a good fondle there, they take their fondness of a perky behind to the next level


“Me and my girlfriend hired an apartment room for ‘alone time’ and all that jazz. And after a while and a few drinks we think hey, I’ve never actually seen my own butthole as you do. So I take a picture of her on my phone alone with a few fingers in and what not and show it to her and then we swap over and she does the same. Then she got the great idea of trying out her little bullet vibrator on me, I think ‘fuck it, why not?’ It feels pretty good, awkward at first but then the vibrator turns on, and she keeps upping the power, it felt good, so I asked her to put it in a little deeper.


Now this is where things go south fast. I hear an ‘OH SHIT’ behind me with what feels like frantic scrabbling in my ass, as I panic I tense up as you do. And it goes. It’s gone. There is naut but silence and a dull buzzing from my lower gut as the gravity of the situation set in…Note to self: never tense up when panic sets in. This is when shit really starts to hit the fan, literally….tghtn.gif

“…I waddle to the toilet and try and keep calm, while all I can hear is a constant ‘bzzzzzzzzz’ which I can feel moving around inside, at one point it must have pressed against my stomach in my hunched waddle state, because my Christ it buzzed.

Now bear in mind I’m trying to keep calm focus my muscles and she is FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. Didn’t help, thankfully within about 3-4 mins and some iron will from myself there’s an almighty crash in the bottom of the toilet and it flies out like a potato out of a potato cannon.


I’m still a little shaken. And now nothing is going near my butt again.



Uploaded 11/30/2015
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