Tiny Cooking is Japan’s Hottest New Food Trend

There’s a new fad in town and it’s a delicious treat for all of your Dragonball-Z action figures. It’s called “Kawaii Cooking” (also known as Tiny Cooking or Pocket Cooking) and of course it started in the land of small and precious items; Japan.


“Kawaii” is the Japanese word for “cute” and this culinary feat is nothing but that. Using tiny ovens, knives, frying pans, plates and everything else you can imagine, these inventive mini-chefs make edible dishes that are equivalent to the size of your fingernail. The real amazing aspect of this trending style of cooking is that it is kind of mesmerizing to watch and makes you somewhat hungry.


1. Say you are having a bunch of Simpson action figures over to your house for lunch, it’s only right that you provide them with hot out of the oil corndogs!



2. Lego Lois Lane was just saved by Lego Superman in your kitchen and she’s starving! We’ve all been there. It’s obvious that you should play Christmas music and cook her tiny shrimp.



3. I want to steal these petite steaks right out of the adorable mouths of these anime figurines.



4. Having a bunch of your bros over after that sick 311 concert? Cook up some Kawaii ‘Zza!



5. And for all you gourmands out there, impress your friends with this delicious sushi platter.


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