Today, I partook in my first kiss.

I am going to disregard all of the verbose nonsense that I normally pamper my blogs with and therefore I will get straight to the point. 

Today, I was walking to the grocery store and I saw this really cute girl browsing the organic food section, perhaps looking for something healthy to maintain her appealing figure. Her breasts appeared to be firm, each one safely tucked under her "USC" sweatshirt while her skin tight jeans revealed an ass imploring me to spank it. She was a brunette, which really worked well with her amber eyes and perky red lips. Quite frankly, I wanted to french kiss her right there and then but I held back. 

I was quite nervous to swipe in for the kiss so I circled around the aisles for five minutes or so, persisting eye contact with the bombshell. She was indecisive in regards to what she wanted to purchase so that gave me enough time to circle around the store and plan for the perfect moment to give her a quick kiss on her cheek. Eventually, I mustered up enough courage to "go in for the kill" (as redundantly emphasized in nature shows) and stood adjacent to the girl. 

I pretended to browse the fine selection of organic goods and awaited for her to position her head in a specific angle so I can kiss and run. Similar to a hit and run but without the literal killing ... kiss and run, once on the cheek and run from the awaited embarrassment. I could tell that she was teasing me as she maintained a certain angle throughout her browsing but the opportunity eventually came, as she hastily tilted her head away from my presence in order to browse the organic smoothie selection. 

Right when she tilted her head, I gave her a big fat wet kiss on her cheek and ran as if I was Pheidippides in the Battle of Marathon. I never actually looked back to witness her reaction because tears began pouring down my face as well as my face turned a crimson red, most likely from the embarrassment of the situation. I bolted out of the store and into my car, where I sped down to the nearby lake and vomited my breakfast feast.

Even though I reacted quite negatively to the whole situation, I would consider this a victory for Andrew simply because I kissed a girl and I really liked it. If you any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a message below and I will respond accordingly. Thank you and have a nice day. 

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