Top 5 Bro Meltdown Videos

Top 5 Bro Meltdown Videos


5. UConn Mac & Cheese Bro

People are talking about this meltdown vid because it is the most recent, but as bro meltdown videos go, this one is actually mad-weak. It’s like 10 minutes long, and this guy is like a whiney, un-funny Adam Devine. On another note, to any bros reading this, next time your buddy Chad is gonna totally punk the shit out of some regular ass working dude at his job and you want to get a tight video of it, turn your Iphone to the side and improve the aspect ratio dog.

Choice Moment: 3:45 When Drunk Bro calls the Manager an idiot for not already calling the police on him for being drunk and belligerent.

Brototype: Drunk Bro


4. Don’t Taze Me Bro

The Bro-meltdown that took the internet by storm in 2007 when a University Of Florida Gainesville student donned his Cargo Shorts of justice and went out to confront John Kerry about his membership in the mysterious Skull and Bones society. Re-watching this video, this bro definitely does not deserve to be tased, and the production quality of this vid is outstanding: just check out the classy credits at the beginning.

Choice Moment: 1:57 When he gets tased (obviously).

Brototype: Righteous Bro


3. Sunfish Bro

Not all of the bros on this countdown are losing their shit in anger, our number 8 bro is losing his shit out of wonder and amazement as he encounters new things in nature, specifically a sunfish swimming near the surface. This is a 5-minute vid, but I could easily listen to these and enjoy this guy’s Boston accent for at least 10 minutes. Over a span of 15 seconds our narrator transitions from “let’s get close to this thing, let’s help it” to “I bet we could get a lot of money for this thing.” Extra points for having the best soundtrack so far.

Choice Moment: 1:08 “O’ man Jay it’s dead bro or something.” as the opening notes of Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy play in the background.

Brototype: Bah-ston Bros


2. Customer Service Bro

Who hasn't been on the edge of losing their shit after dealing with a customer service phone network? It is a relatable source of rage, but when a customer service call begins with the words “I am your worst nightmare.” You know it is going to be pretty good. This guy just wants to talk to Michelle, and seems skeptical of any customer service representative who isn’t Michelle. This video is all fireworks for the first 2 minutes, and if you listen closely during the pauses, you can hear our angry bro panting with rage as the cheerful Mark looks up his account information.

Choice moment: 4:35, “I am not going to dwell in your fucking private joke Twilight Zone any longer!!!”

Brototype: Whiney Bro


1.Sports Rage Bro

In true Babe Ruth fashion this sports bro begins his meltdown vid by calling his shot. Describing the destruction he will unleash upon his apartment if the Dallas Cowboys lose the game that is currently in its final seconds. If there is a better way to communicate your disappointment to a professional sports team than trashing your own shitty apartment while barefoot, this bro hasn't heard of it. This video contains the same production flaws as Mac & Cheese bro, and it is poorly lit, but the video’s flaws only enhance the terror of the meltdown. This is the Cloverfield of Bro meltdown videos.

Choice Moment: 1:10 The game ends--and all hell breaks loose.

Brototype: Sports Bro

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