Waer! Green Sermon!

Give me some of that New World Religion!

The Church of Green.


Today we will discuss Global Climate Change. There are heathens preaching that it is a farce, they refuse to believe the word Green. I say onto them may the hand of the UN reach down and smite them dead or if they repent, with the use of repetitive media sermons, they will see the hockey stick.

Today I present to you one of those heathens. This is a CBC news documentary that tries to hide the truth of Green, using scientists who are themselves the brethren of the Devil. They pretend to use highly sophisticated scientific approaches, logical thinking and historical geographical fact. But I say onto you the only truth is Green's truth. Cast aside these demons and follow the only truth the one truth the Green's Truth oh, merciful  Green.

But there is good news, because Green is mighty he has offset this evil entity that plagues our world. Green has bestowed unto us Offset Carbon Tax Credits. Praise be to Green! Please stay seated, it reduces CO2. Yes in India the farmer can now use his treadle to bring water to the surface instead of diesel gas pump. Yes all the old people can now pump the treadle with their legs 12 hours a day. Because the wise farmer has done this at the behest of a carbon tax maverick, he can receive one half carbon tax credit a year for each treadle he operates.

Well you might ask yourself, But why does Green make the old woman pump the treadle to bring the water that then floods the land? Green is wise, for he knows a lady in England, a soldier in Green's army who sells coffins to the mourners of the dead. This truly faithful women buys the tax credits from the maverick and then sells them to her customers for $600.00. But why would the customer pay such an extra fee to bury their beloved? My children this is the miracle of Green. He truly loves the earth as we all do and he has devised this method to save our planet. But back to why? This undertaker with her understanding of the human guilt factor and the need for comfort to the mourning assures them that if they purchase the carbon tax credit it pays for the CO2 this body puts into the earth as it decays.

I would ask you all to please purchase your Green Prayer Cloth to serve Green. For if you do just place the Green Cloth over your bills and the power of Green will make them disappear.

This is the awesome power of Green!


The CBC video link is below.

A story covering the treadle just shows how the treadle works, but not the whole story, I'll look for more links after I get some groceries.

Uploaded 07/25/2010
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