We are in desperate need of a one world government.

When Obama is reelected this upcoming November, he will finalize the establishment of the North American Union - Canada, Mexico, and the United States will collaborate to become a united and single country that will utilize only one digital currency.

The process of unifying into one may seem daunting to some but those who oppose such a drastic change will be executed, and that is that. I cannot simply bear the boors and the peasants who willingly oppose the unification because these are the same people who wear tin foil hats and shop at JC Penny. Such opposers look to nitpick the flaws of the North American Union but, to be quite frank, there are very little flaws and these flaws are nothing but miniscule and almost irrelevant. 

One thing in particular that I fully support is the implementation of the RFID chips - I believe that RFID chips will make life much more convenient. Missing persons will no longer be missing and the government will know where we are at all times. For example, the government will know when you're masturbating, when you're feeding your dog, and when you're fucking your next door neighbor while feeding your dog. RFID chips = no more paper currency, no more use of passports (traveling hassle!), and less crime (criminals can simply be deactivated). The process of inserting the chip is painless and literally takes seconds to install and initiate. 

Have you ever seen Gattaca? Not only is it a cool movie with a smoking hot lead star but it is where we are headed ... imagine the possibilities! We need to thank Obama and the NAU for attempting to make our lives better. The establishment of the NAU will further progress into the creation of the New World Order, or simply a one world government to rule us all. We need a one world government and it needs us. 

In conclusion, we must stand behind the notion of allowing the government to control our lives: we need to regulate the Internet to snarl predators and Internet deviants, we need RFID chips in order to safeguard our future generations, and we need to burn the US Constitution. 
Uploaded 04/24/2012
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