Website Helps Women Fake Pregnancies lets non-moms pretend to be moms as a prank that will surely have friends and family laughing about those 9 or so months they thought they could trust that woman.

A 10-months "pregnant," happy customer in Michigan


This website has full-term pranks in mind, as they offer fake ultrasounds, prosthetic bellies, fake prescriptions, DNA tests, medical documentation, and breast pushups--all to keep the world's longest set-up going before girls like the one pictured above hit their suckers with the punch line that they had a miscarriage.


Victims are raving about it! The 16-year-old boyfriend of the girl pictured above said he was,

scared . . . I started looking for jobs as best I could.


It must be a joke--just look at all the silly fonts in the website's banner!


A Georgia woman, Leslie Wilfred, pranked being pregnant with twins (see how worried her husband is? hahaha)


The lead investigator in the Leslie Wilfred case, Bob Brettel, said,

I've been in law enforcement for 30 years and... I have never encountered anything like this before.

In other words, he thought it was creative!


Quebec's quintuplets-faker Barbara Bienvenue saved on the silicon belly by already being fat. Clever prankster.


And if for one fucking second you think this business is preying upon the instability of women with serious emotional issues, then you obviously didn't look at the wacky faces featured on the website!

What a bunch of goof balls!


In this jovial theme, the following picture from the website is obviously viewed by everyone as an ironic kind of high-level sarcastic funny and not literally a terrible message aimed at disturbed women:

What a savvy and not predatory sense of humor!

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