Who Should Be Allowed to Vote. Edited

The title was not formed into a question on purpose, because who should be allowed to vote and not vote is clearly defined within a well informed observant mind such as mine. But in case you don't have the qualifications, I will present to you the facts.

Most women, (with rare exception) should not be allowed to vote. Most women vote based on looks or "I just get a funny feeling about him" or "He's got beady eyes." They first judge if they like the candidate by looks, then by sound of the voice. Depending on those attributes all that the candidate does or says is filtered through that. 

Lesbians and gays should only be allowed to vote as long as there is no issue on the table that involves outrageously obnoxious parades being financed by public money, tends to skew the results.  A note of caution, if the candidate for President is gay you might all wake up one day having realized that the stars and stripes has been replaced by a mandated rainbow flag.

Jocks or outrageous sports fans should not be allowed to vote. They simply do not take any time to learn about candidates or issues. Sports Illustrated tried to insert some political stories, but if it wasn't a sex scandal, the magazine received numerous complaints. There is simply no avenue open that allows information other than sports and sex to enter their cerebral cortex. 

Hicks, Hill billies, and Tabaccy Chewers. I had hoped to allow them to vote. They do display a sense of independence and self reliance, (except the food stamp thing), but again no avenue to enter information and they think Obama is a Muslim, when he clearly is  a disenfranchised Jew. 

Most black men should be allowed to vote, for one simple reason. For centuries they have been getting screwed over. They have developed a keen sense to know when someone is full of shit. No politician is going to ever fool a street nigger. Look at what happened with the Kony 2012 debacle when they aired it in Uganda and all the black people screamed blue murder and pelted the screen with rocks. They know bullshit when they see it. 

Single purpose activist should not be allowed to vote. To them the ends justifies the means. And those means always end up meaning the end of anything good and killing a shit load of people in it's wake. If the US had a Vegan as President, instead of the War on Terror, you'd have the War on BBQ's.

Conspiracy theorist, survivalist, should be allowed to vote. They trust no one and everyone is involved. They do a lot of reading and watch slick videos, so at least they have some correct information, besides they love Ron Paul. So it's a win by default.

White Supremacist, crack heads, young males, (less than 24) should not be allowed to vote. See single purpose activist.  Exception: If the young males are gay they should be allowed to vote. They get involved with a lot of shit and know all the assholes.

The largest pool of those who should vote are entrepreneurs, small business people and the self employed. This includes women as well in this category, unless the business has government funding behind it. This group of people are productive, recognize the environment needed for success. They are independent and extremely creative. They realize the political arena plays an important part and therefore take the time to involve themselves. They are the backbone of any society.

Rin should be allowed to vote, because if she isn't allowed to vote, you'd never hear the end of it.

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