Why I believe in God and Lord Jesus, Savior of Mankind.

Apparently, this blog section is anti-Christianity ... in fact, anti-religion as I have witnessed countless attacks on people who wish to simply display their faith in their respective religion. For example, make your way towards that pseudoscientist's blog in regards to evolution and how we evolved from "lesser beings" and that current vestigial structures once benefitted our "earlier ancestors."

I am not here to debate evolution because this blog will most likely get flagged for being "too right." Hmph, whatever ... I shall elaborate on my faith and why I believe in God and Lord Jesus, savior of mankind. I would like to firstly state that I once detested religion due to the fact that I was literally brainwashed by the "progressive" and "right" liberal agenda that is unfortunately preached in most American schools. I recall once serving as a mere bystander in an altercation between a teacher and a fellow peer in regards to a religious spat - regardless of the contents of the spat, in the end, the boy ended up being expelled and sued by the school for believing in God. 

Pardon my off tangency but this backstory only allows me to progress with the reason behind my belief in God and Lord Jesus, savior of mankind. It was a couple of years ago, I was driving down the I-95 to visit my grandparents in Savanna, Georgia. With my windows rolled down, Metallica was blaring through my sound system; I was not fully aware of the Satanic implications behind Metallica's lyrics (please be aware that this was during my "science is right" phase as I was once brainwashed by the liberal/NWO agenda). I was doing at least ninety five miles per hour down the freeway at around 2:00 AM when my car's dashboard immediately flashed "CHECK ENGINE" thus forcing me to pull over. 

Once I pulled over, I got out of my car and popped the hood to check for any damages - it turns out that my car's engine was perfectly fine. Although I found this to be quite odd, I deduced that cars normally flash false messages as part of a car dealership scheme to force patrons to pay unnecessary amounts of money to "renovate" the problem. I slammed the hood of my car back into its proper position when I saw him ... or should I say Him. I saw a white apparition sitting in the passenger seat of my car ... I had to rub my eyes and slap myself across the face as I assumed that I was just tired from driving but I realized that I wasn't hallucinating. The man looked similar to the depiction of Jesus in the icon I saw back in Memphis in the 7-11 convenience store.

"[Andrew], my boy, please make your way to the driver's seat as I need to talk to you about your current situation in hand."

Of course, I was frozen in fear but a calming aura enveloped my position as I felt that I had no intention to flee or alert the proper authorities. I made my way to the driver's seat and there he spoke to me, claiming his authenticity and why I commence repenting for my past sins, mostly for not believing in God and his teachings. After our brief little chat, He conjured a Bible on my lap and vanished into the dark breezy night, as a gaudy yellow note was written on the cover of the Bible saying that I should "preach the teachings of God and live long and prosper." I showed the book to my grandparents, who both unfortunately passed a year ago, and buried it in between my grandfather's legs as mere remembrance for their presence on this Earth. 

I know that most of you will claim that I was high, drunk, or disoriented but let me tell you guys this, I was not. I was blessed by Jesus Christ himself and he showed me the way to the truth. Jesus is my friend and he can be your friend too if you would just stop reading this pseudoscience nonsense and start reading the Bible, the oldest book in our history. Please, no harsh comments and let God always be on your side, amen. Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins of humanity ... remember that. 

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