Why should I abide to rules?

As a mere American, I would like to display my disgust towards the hypocrisy constantly spewed by the American media on how America is a "free country." Freedom is an illusion, conjured by the so-called "trustworthy" and "reliable" politicians who are solely responsible for making the cogs turn in this country. If freedom existed, why can't I simply rob someone without any penalization? Why can't I fuck a woman without her consent? Rules, rules, rules. That's how America works: we must abide to the rules! 

Why exactly do we need rules? Back in the 50s and 60s, the morons who were alive back then didn't abide to ANY rules hence the current state of our country. Nixon, Pol Pot, fucking Elvis ... all of these old douchebags didn't abide to the rules and now people in their 20s and even early/late teens are paying the ultimate price of these schmucks not following the damn rules. I will admit, back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s ... there were no rules. Rape was legal, murder would result in maybe a year in prison, drugs were all the rage, people listened to the unbearable Led Zeppelin ... see? No rules! A man could smoke a joint, lick a woman's vagina without her consent, suck the tits of a cow without facing any legal consequences for his actions! 

Nowadays, however, it's all different: the old stupid fucks who run this country and demand for social security benefits are imposing their hypocritical agenda onto the younger folk by forcing the younger folk to abide to certain rules of society. Don't do drugs, don't drink and drive, don't rape women, don't backtalk a police officer, don't watch television, eat your carrots, no premarital sex, don't fuck a pig, don't eat cow shit, don't fucking wipe your ass on Tuesdays ... the list is ENDLESS. All of these rules ... rules, rules, rules, rules. Why was Potsmoker Pete allowed to do LSD and lick some Grateful Dead bandwagon bitch's vagina during some Woodstock concert but Faggot Fred can't suck a man's cock without hearing constant nagging from the Catholic community? HUH? Exactly. You can't answer that because you know ... hell, we ALL know that our current society is plagued by rules. 

I know what the old folk will say: back in my day ... WHO FUCKING CARES? Fuck your day. Shut the fuck up and pay attention because if this was the 1940s, I could lynch your stupid ass or deny you any rights, just like how the old white men denied the rights of black people. Good job, old people, you have officially ruined this country and have removed any notions of freedom within the minds of the younger generations. Congratulations ... when you were 20, you could do whatever you liked. You ate cigarette flavored doughnuts, you fucked ten women with two penises ... but nowadays, oh no no no. That's intolerable ... that's outright blasphemous! Smile, eat your carrots ... COOK THE DOG! COOK THE DOG! Cook your own dog? Enough said. 

Uploaded 11/07/2011
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