wow okay neko makes me so angry!!!!!!!

okay hi every1 i just got this account from somebody on ebay and ive been reading the comments and the stuff by this neko person and boy she is really mean omg!!!!! liek who does she think she is talking and bloggi nabout things while other people just sit there and watch? imagine eating ice cream and some fat kid steals your ice cream and eats it all in one gulp and you have no ice cream left! thats what neko is the fat kid and the person without the ice cream!!!! 

wat i call 4 is a wy to remove neko from the blogs maybe liek an anti neko barrier that will be on the blogs and then when neko tries to click on the blogs, she will be bounced back to her little own la la land filled with meany heads like neko! what say you guys? i mean we can get this thing going if you sign the petition below and we remove neko from the blog once and for all with the anti-neko abrrier and we wilget her and her alternate accounts removed forever and ever lol! !!!!!! trust me guyz if we get this petition through i will call my friend who is a hacking expert and he will install the barrier to remove neko! no more neko and no more meany head dumb dumb stupid rants about making fun of tyaeda's can collecting boyfriend or rednote's impotent wee wee lol no offense but i heard abouti t from your wife rednote when i saw her at the nail salon yesterday

but srsly guyz let me get this straite neko is good but she might be too good for the blog but that means that shes mean and even thought shes super kute and kwaii i rlly think that if we just sign the comments and the blog we can remove her from the blogs and then we can start talking about welfare collektions and doin other stuff that we unemployed hobos normally do lol

ok ay guys just ocmment below and leave ur messages so that we can remove neko one and for all! for great justice! 

BY THE WAY hawthorne heights is my favorite bnd so plz enjoy the music while we bash neko but please be nice in the comments just petition neko because im rly sensitive and i will tell on u and maybe call the police if u rite mean stuff dont harass neko but just petition her and dont call her names even though shes dumb and mean and sutpid and SMELLY!!!!

Uploaded 08/25/2011
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