you effect EVERYONE

Have you ever just sat there in a complete state of total bordom? I hate when that happens because you begin to think about so many things. Things you didn't even know were there come and sneek up on you. Deep feelings come up and you start to really think. You even worry yourself at times. 

The human brain is so complex that the normal person can not even comprehend its compasity. Your brain stores everything from your best friends birthday to what you first remember when you were little. The memories and emotions are deeply set into every part of your subconscience mind. Why do you think you dream the way you do? When you think about it your dreams are a pattern of your body telling you what you are thinking about subconsciencly. For all you can tell your fine, happy, and healthy. Your body knows you better then you know yourself. Your body is obviously indifferent to what ever the "you" wants to think. You can say over and over again that something doesn't bother you but deep down you and your body knows it did. 

Why do we bother denying ourselves if its just going to come back and haut our subconscience later? People make no sense in many many ways. I'm surprized some people make it as far as they did. The ones who live out there lives and admitt anything and everything to themselves are the ones who are sucsessful in the end. When we are mentally stable everything falls into the correct place. Yeah, yeah, keep saying to yourself that your alright doesn't mean that it will changed the facts. Many people shut out others who are trying to help but they really do need the help. I think we deny the help beacuse we are a very proud people. What I'm saying is that we hate when someone sees us in a negative light or in a state of total sensitivity. I would understand how that would be difficult though. People are scared of being attacked from past experiences, which is understandable. 

If you didn't notice it brings us back to the subconscience issue. People don't know there holding themselves back, they have no idea, they don't know any better. We hold things back ever since we were little to comprehend things. Like if you broke something and you want to avoid confrentation you say nothing about it and hide it. We learn it from a young age theres not really a way or reversing that. You can, however, learn what to hold back and how to despose of the feeling. Takes a lot of mind power to control how your instincts want you to react. Some things even the human mind can't handle without some kind of external help. Wether its just a friend or a parent, you'd need something.

The only problem with that would be the trust issue. Also a mental thing. If you have been betrayed before your insticts will be expecting it again and it will have the guard up to watch out for that. Past expeiences, what ever they may be, have a major impact on what people do and how they think. Its sad knowing that the people around you have a potential to ruin and control every aspect of your life. One person can easly change that. It only takes one blow to someones self image to cripple them for life. Sad part is this happens so very very often to a huge amount of people. Who could have known that we have that much control over someones future? Maybe next time when you want to open your mouth you'll think of the impact it could very wll have one them and you and the atmosphere in which you decide to live you life in.

Uploaded 08/23/2008
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