Young Warrior

Well I wrote a little short story a while ago and if you have been to the other site you have already read it. I figured that I would post over here for those of you who have not seen it. I am working on more stories as I get free time and I have a few rants in store for down the road. So enjoy:




Young Warrior:He stood by the bank of the river and he could see the fires of battle still burning. He in his few years alive had seen many things, and traveled to distant lands with men, hardened by war, in search of glory. He had seen cowards flee and heros fall. He was still young to be in battle, but he was proud to be chosen as shield bearer and aide to the general himself. He had seen the bloodlust in the eyes of the combatants and he saw the ferocity they fought with for their king. He fought alongside them with the same ferocity and the same prowess. He was still a young man, strong though he may be; he still had much to learn, he knew. He had already fought in seven battles where the fighting was intense. He was praised by several men for his integrity in battle and his skills with the blade had grown immensely since his first skirmish. The soldiers taught him much and he respected each and every one of them. As always with the good, will come the bad, as he had learned. He had seen many a friend fall to the sword of the enemy. He saw the ruins of cities, smelled the scent of burned and decaying flesh. He saw the atrocities that war brought. He had grown accustomed to it. He ignored it mostly.He watched the men closely. He was always curious as to why the men would sacrifice to their gods. He had never actually seen a god and he never believed in prophecies of old men told over again by others. The general had told him that in battle, victory can be achieved against insurmountable odds, so long as men fight with their hearts, the men believe that they have a god behind them, and they will fight as though they were immortal. If they believe that they have angered the same god they will falter in battle as they have clouded their mind and give in to the sword. He had seen this to be true, some battles were fought where they were outnumbered and yet the men would not fail, they fought as though they could not die, they fought with everything they had and they won the day.The young man now was standing by the river contemplating everything he had been through, everything he had been taught, and everything he had seen. He stood there and watched as the enemy advanced. His general stood beside him as a godlike man, dressed in full bronze armor. This small bridge was their latest obstacle in their path of conquer. The general looked over and said to him may Apollo bless your blade today, he then shouted into his ranks We have come this far, we have vanquished our foe, they fear us this day!! A resounding cry went out from the men surrounding us. Hold the line, and do not falter, Apollo will see us through this day my brothers. The general placed his helm on his head and charged the enemy line, His men followed after. They smashed into the enemy line with a great force and forced many back. The young man dodged as a blade sliced at his throat, he quickly sliced his sword down through the mans groin. The man fell and he sent another slice across his throat. He quickly reflected a thrown lance off of his shield and clashed blades with another attacker as he turned. He sent his head smashing into the mans face and quickly sent a slice to the mans throat. He fought on hard and risked looking for his general; he could see him far into the enemy line, fighting like a mad man. He began to fight his way towards his general. He sent a slice to the arm of an attacker who was in motion to send a killing blow to another comrade. The arm was nearly sliced from him. The man fell back from the vicious slice and was then lanced into the chest by another. The young mans general was fighting with everything he had and he was slowly making his way to him, but the farther he got the farther into the battle the general went. He sent his blade into the throat of another attacker as he parried his attack with his shield. He felt a sharp pain in his side and looked down to see the injured man with blood pouring from the hideous wound in his neck had lashed out with a dagger in his dying breath. The young man pulled the dagger from his side and saw the blood flow. He continued to fight and felled another man as he attacked. He sidestepped a hard swing from another attacker and sent his blade deep into the mans chest. An explosion of blood came from the back of the man as he wrenched his blade from within his enemy. He then felt the battle turn in their favor. He watched men begin to retreat. The hardened soldiers of the enemy stayed and slowly defended their retreat. He sent his blade through the chest of another attacking enemy and paused to look for his general. The pain in his side great and he felt weak. His sword felt heavy in his hand. He saw his general. The man has led his army to victory. The men around him were fighting with their hearts for their general and they let out a cry as they knew the enemy was soon finished. The young man felt at peace and turned back in time to see the blade that sent him walking the field of Elysium. Tonight he would dine with heroes long gone. He would sit in the company of great men and hear tales of great glory. He would eat and laugh and he would forever be at peace.

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