deep cover

An CIA agent is on a mission in Siberia, to spy on the government. Prior to his mission he recieved full training, he speaks perfect Russian with in the relevant dialect, and can whitstand very low temperatures in order to be able to blend in. As a first step to phase himself in, he goes to the local pub, where all the heavyweight characters hang out, to make connections. He goes to the bar, and asks for a triple shot of Vodka. The barman looks at him suspiciously and says:
- You are not from round here.
The agent begs to differ.
- But Comrade. I speak our beautiful Russian perfectly, why would you say that?
- I just have a feeling. Sorry. I think you're dodgy.
The agent downs the triple shot of vodka.
- Give me another triple. See? I drink vodka like water.
- No! Sorry. I don't buy this.
- For fuck's sake! - the agent gets up from his seat, strips naked, goes outside and buries himself in the 3 foot snow. He comes back 10 minutes later, not showing any signs of being cold.
- There. You happy now?
- No! You are not who you say you are.
The agent doesn't understand how could the barman have the slightest suspicion, and gets frustrated.
- All right then, why would you be so sure, I'm not a true Siberian?
- You know, we don't get many black people around here.
Uploaded 11/15/2008
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