Two Assholes

Two jewish brothers go to a used car lot looking to buy a cheap car, with really good gas mileage for their elderly father to get around in. First the dealer shows them a Toyota thats 10 years old and gets 24 miles to the gallon. But the two men don't like it and ask him to show them something else with better gas mileage, and a cheaper price tag. So he shows them a motorcycle and tells them it can get up to 42 miles per gallon, but still the two heebs are unimpressed. So the dealer shows them a golf cart that runs on bateries and tells them it only costs 500 dollars. But still,l the tight wad jew bastards are concerned with how much electricity will run them for their father to be mobile. Finally, fed up with the both of them, and meaning to insult, the dealer asks if maybe they would be interested in the broke down old mule that grazes in the field across from the dealership. He tells them its theirs for a hundred bucks. The two jews, oblivious to the mans ruse, insist on taking a test drive before signing any papers. To which the dealer happily agrees. The "brothers jew " both mount the old donkey and head down the street.

A half hour later, the two come walking back to the dealership, without the mule, looking like they'd been knocked around. The dealer asks them what had happened. One brother replies, "We were riding down main street when we came to a light. One of the guys in the car next to us said, "look at the two assholes on that donkey." So we got off to look. And when we lifted up the donkeys tail, he kicked us and took off running.
Uploaded 11/07/2010
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