14 Of The Best And Worst Missed Connections Found On Craigslist

Do you think they found each other? Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. Some of these people (let's be honest all of them) are looking for love in the wrooong places. They should start from scratch and try something simple, like a dating app, or a hooker. But clearly this is not the way to go about finding your one true love. Though if any of these individuals succeeded in the end, I would be really impressed.

Sometimes people meet their partners in the most random places that you wouldn't believe. A supermarket, a sports game, a strip club, all sorts of places. But at least you can rest easy you are not as terrible as this sketchy Craigslist guy who clearly thought is pick-up skills were more adept than in reality. Or this group of degenerates who I truly have no words to express my disdain at their personals ads.... These guys need Jesus... Or at least an intervention...
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Uploaded 03/30/2018
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