14 Entitled People Who Don't Know Boundaries

I want the world, I want the whole world! Some people don't know when enough is enough, These are the stories from the brave one among us, who helped put the entitled in their place.

It's the absolute worst isn't it? You're in line, maybe for a nice hot cup of coffee with just the right amount of milk and sweetener, or perhaps at the Wallmart, just trying to fill out your new place with the right amount of amenities so the next special guest you bring over doesn't realize by your living space that you're the caveman that you are. But then right in front of you is that Karen, who swears there's just a little more money on her gift card that she didn't even know how to scan properly on the card reader. But she knows of course, exactly how much money there is. So she has to speak to a manager, and you're stuck, coffee-less, and furniture-less, to wait for all eternity for this person to find out what everyone but them knew all along.
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