47 Times Photoshop Troll James Fridman Owned People Asking for Help

Photoshop can be a great tool and useful program. Whether you are a professional photographer, graphic designer, or video editor, there are all kinds of amazing things you can do with Adobe's Photoshop. Even if you are not in the business or working on any professional level, it is still extremely useful for editing photos, touching up pictures, and even making logos and text effects. It is fairly simple to learn the basics and Adobe has a ton of free tutorials and pieces of training to get you started.

These folks had a photograph that they needed a little professional help with. From removing a stranger in a photo to fixing a smile, to changing the background entirely, they turned to the internet for help with their pictures. As the old saying goes, ask and you shall receive, just don't ask James Fridman because you will get something in return, but probably not what you were hoping for.
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