54 People Who are Clearly Lying on the Internet

Telling a lie, exaggerating a story, or adding untrue details to something happens all the time. Especially on the internet where everyone is trying to appear as a better or cool version of themselves, or perhaps make their life seem more glamorous and exciting than it really is. It's something we are all guilty whether it was online or in real life. Even before the age of social media, there was no shortage of people telling tall tales about events and situations they experienced.

The rise in popularity of social media and online sharing has only fueled this fire of people needing to feel accepted, looked up to, or even envied by complete strangers. From media outlets and publications skewing the facts of certain stories to fit their narrative to people attempting to catfish others online with fake photos (often of celebrities) to make themselves look and feel better. There's no shortage of dishonesty online or in life for that matter, so if a certain story, social media post, or quote from someone gets you upset it's best to keep in mind it could be bogus and do a little research to uncover the truth.

What could be more satisfying than seeing people who are clearly full of crap, getting publicly called out for their bullsh*t?
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