15 People Full of Crap Get Called out Online

One of the great things about the internet is it can take mere seconds to find evidence and call BS on someone's claim. In the case of these 15 people, they didn't need much time at all to get rightfully called out as fakes and frauds. Here are 15 people full of crap who got called out online.

The thing about frauds is that they are typically not the most talented at frauding. They usually offer little in the way of proof for their fraudulent ways, and often jump through none of the preverbal hoops they might need to cover their tracks for their trickery. Perhaps that makes sense however, as anyone who stoops to the levels of these folks likely does so for a reason, that reason being they are unable to be successful in anything people would consider respectable. So, they become frauds, do so gloriously poorly, and get called out online for us all to see.
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