16 Restaurant Red Flags According to Chefs

Dining out can be an enjoyable and unique experience most of the time. A different setting or atmosphere for your meal, food that is maybe out of your normal diet or comfort zone, or perhaps high-end dishes that are beyond your cooking abilities. There are many reasons people go out to eat, and it may even be as simple as not having anything at home ready to be cooked.

Take it from the professionals, and commit these red flags to memory because you don't want to fall for these restaurant no-no's. It's a rule of thumb that you don't order seafood in the middle of nowhere, or that you look for busy lively restaurants, but some of these warning signs might not be as obvious as others.

So next time you find yourself looking for a place to it, think about wether they have carpet or not, or if they have spelling mistakes on their menu.
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