17 Funny Pics Proving It Blows Being Super Tall

Human beings appreciate height. Whether it's massive skyscrapers looming overhead, standing atop the face of an immense cliff overlooking the sea or just one tall a** dude there's something about scale that implies a sense of epic heroism and stature.

There's a reason we have lead actors slip on big-boy boots for that one shot or build statues that are slightly larger-than-life -- we glorify height. And, conversely, many a shorter-than-average dude has lamented the trials and tribulations of dating with a smaller shoe size.

But, as they say, the grass is always greener. The world was made for the average joe. All the perks and benefits we associate with tallness pretty much evaporate when trying to get comfy in an airplane, shop for clothes or squeeze into an escape pod while your outer rim space station explodes around you. Indeed, down below are 17 times it absolutely sucked to be a person of epic proportions.
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