18 Times People Had Actually Good Ideas

Great ideas can come from the most unexpected places. They may not even appear to be that great to begin with, but the truly excellent ones always shine through in the end. Or something like that.

What we've got here is a bunch of surprisingly useful contraptions people cooked up in their lizard brains between the hours of 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Except for the double-sided USB plug. That thing was conceived by anyone who's ever used a USB cable.

The best part about these designs is that there wasn't too much thought involved. Just a simple idea that was destined for greatness and brought into existence by someone who wasn't too lazy to make it happen.

And if you find any items on the list that you thought of first and want to sue for the copyright claims, you'll probably have to do that on your own. eBaum's World offers a lot but the one thing we can't offer is expert legal services.

Expand your ever–contracting brain by clicking here.
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