17 Clever Comments That Found a Home

The internet can be a great place to get a few good laughs in. One place, in particular, is the comment section. People try their best to stand out amongst the crowd and sometimes it results in a hilarious or witty comment, other times it falls flat (which can be hilarious on its own) and they end up getting roasted in the most public of fashions. Sometimes a person has a blunder in the facts or main points of their arguments resulting in someone who actually knows what they are talking about swooping in and delivering a dose of internet vigilante justice.

Some people think they're just so funny, but beware, because there is always someone funnier lurking around the corner. Here's a collection of funny comments that hit their mark. Be thankful you're not in here, but don't worry there's always next week! So sit back and take a gander at these funny comments that hit the mark.
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