20 Abandoned Things That Were Lost and Found

Why are these things so much cooler after they've been abandoned?

Thanks to the fine folks over at Reddit, we've collected some of sickest, coolest, most fascinating abandoned objects and places people could find.

Now they may not be riches, or treasure, or pirate's gold, but that doesn't make this stuff any less awesome. Imagine stumbling upon an abandoned Radio Shack, complete with all of the electronics of yester-year. On the darker side, we have the discovery of cremated remains in an abandoned funeral home.

If that doesn't inspire the nerd inside of you, we've got race cars, ferris wheels, and ballrooms buried beneath lakes. There's something unique, unsettling, and even a bit creepy knowing that these places and objects have just been sort of decaying for years until someone happened to stumble upon them. So to the people who had the right mind to snap these amazing photos, we want to say thank you!
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