20 Bad Santas That Are Definitely On the Naughty List

New York City's 2023 Santa Con celebration happened a little over a week ago, and while native New Yorkers were once again reminded why they hate all the people in their surrounding suburbs, it also produced the kind of glorified chaos that everyone likes to see from afar. 

There's something poetic about watching a bunch of affluent 18 to 30-year-olds dressed like the man responsible for merrily bringing toys to billions of children around the world, getting absolutely plastered to the point of stumbling, slewing, and sickness. But unlike any naughty children who might receive coal in their stockings as a result of bad behavior, Santa Con transgressors face no consequences thanks to daddy's cash, leaving the poor sanitation workers of New York to clean up their sick mess. 

And God forbid you have to travel anywhere near midtown on that fateful day, even Santa's actual sleigh pulled by reindeer couldn't navigate the cluster-jam. It doesn't matter how bright Rudolph's nose is, it's still taking him 25 minutes to get from 7th to 8th on 47th Street. But while Santa Con stinks, at least we can enjoy it when the St. Nick cosplayers make fools of themselves. Here are 20 trashy Santas on the naughty list. 

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