20 Cringeworthy Dudes Who Posed with Their Favorite Pornstars

Welp, everyone can stop searching. We've found the most cringeworthy photos on the internet.

We're all human. We all watch porn. It's so easily accessible in this day and age, so of course we're going to indulge ourselves. Though some fans take it to the extreme.

We've collected some of the cringiest porn fans, posing with their favorite stars. Look I love watching porn as much as the next guy, but I don't need to take weekend vacation to Vegas and spend all my money at an adult film convention. That's just not me.

But as you'll see in this gallery, some dudes live for just that kind of weekend. We've scavenged the deep dark depths of the internet (Google) and found some of the most desperate dudes who got to meet their dream girls.

Obviously here at eBaum's World we're a family-friendly website (LOLZ) so we've tamed this gallery down a bit. But not really, there's a ton of simps getting handsy with girls they'd never get to touch otherwise. Enjoy!
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