20 Entitled People with No Grasp on Reality

Thanks to r/EntitledBitch we've collected the worst of the worst.

Let's talk entitlement. Because apparently humans of the world just aren't getting it. And it's not just 'Karens' so let's not act like dudes aren't just as entitled.

News flash; none of us are entitled to ANYTHING in this world. We're here on this stupid rock floating around in space, then we die. That's that. So if you somehow think your existence is more important than another human's then you're wrong.

I have no problem calling these people out and shaming them on the internet like it's the town square. Guess what? If you didn't receive an invitation, then you're not allowed at the wedding. If you have a problem with your neighbor showering at a certain time of night, I've got an idea. Shut the f**k up and mind your own damn business.

If you have done one or more of the things mentioned in this gallery, do us all a favor and take a look in the mirror. Be better.
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