20 Life Hacks That Could Help You Out

Life hacks. Extremely useful shortcuts to make your life easier.

What are some not-so-useful shortcuts that do not make your life easier , you ask? Well, an underground tunnel from the eBaums World parking lot that leads straight to a hole beneath your desk. Sure, you thought it would let you sneak in your would-be desk ferrets past the immense security at the front of the building. Sure, you wouldn't expect to, while tunneling, inadvertently disturb the remains of an ancient, pre-Colombus Viking and unleash his vengeful spirit upon your co-workers.

And sure, you'd expect your boss to be more understanding about what was an honest mistake. As well as corporate, the police, the FBI, CIA, NSA and those guys in the hazmats that keep showing up at your house in the middle of the night.

But hey, you play the hand that life deals you, right? Well, here's a couple life hacks to put a couple cards up your sleeve when it comes to getting things done.
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