20 Maps That Are Plain F**king Awful

Maps are great! Until they aren't.

We'd to extend a thank you (is 'thank' the right word?) to the Twitter account TerribleMaps. Without this source we never would've been able to collect any of these useless, godawful maps. I don't think I've sighed more during my tenure here at eBaum's World, than I did creating this gallery.

That being said, there are some pretty awful maps. Just reiterating, that these are the worst. But there is something to be appreciated. They're so good, they're bad if you will.

For example where else on the internet can you find a railway map of Antarctica? Who else has the state by state texting and driving fatalities from the year 1960 in the US? That's right, we've got them. Do you know the most popular porn categories per region of Sweden, as they relate to the radiation fallout density caused by Chernobyl?

Well now you do.
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