20 Marvel Characters We Wouldn’t Mind Taking Home for the Night

Obviously there are some very attractive characters living in the MCU. We've taken it upon ourselves to collect 20 that we'd go home with after a night out on the town.

Now to each their own. We're not trying to say this list is for everyone. But this is the official eBaum's World 'would tap that and probably date the sh*t out of that person from the MCU' list.

We've got a well-balanced good vs. evil dynamic. Villains may or may not be into some kinky stuff. You just never know. Some characters, of course you'll recognize while others we dug a little deeper to find.

Clearly this is all hypothetical and would never actually happen. Unless by some chance Linda Cardellini reaches out and wants to grab dinner sometime, in which case I'd be legally obligated to attend. I don't make the rules here.

So without further ado, here are the MCU characters we'd leave the bar with.
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