20 Painful Pics That Hurt So Good

So many pictures, so much pain in one place. Proceed with caution, because these pics hurt so good.

Isn't the internet a wonderful place? A place full of weird, interesting, and psychotic people waiting to roast the sh*t out of you at the sign of stupidity or vulnerability. You got to love it.

So we dove into one of the greatest cesspools around, the lovely deep end of Twitter. Thanks to the account Images That Make You Feel Pain, we've collected some of the worst burns, breakups, and bashings we could find.

We've got mean comments, self-owns, photoshop fails, and more. Pretty much everything the founding fathers of the internet would have wanted, we have it in this gallery.

So break out the band-aids, pop a couple ibuprofen, and get ready for some painful-a** pics. Enjoy.

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