20 Real Life Easter Eggs Hiding in Plain Sight

They say to stop and smell the roses. Not because roses smell particularly good or anything (roses, in fact, smell like a dying man's last breath) but because you never know what you might find in and around the rose bush. It could be a rare action figure from the 1980s, preserved in perfect mint condition.

Or, in our case, the lost medallion of 17th-century pirate , Charles McStabsMore, that, once retrieved, pulled his vengeful spirit from his watery grave off the coast of Trinidad and summoned it inland to the eBaums World office. We lost.. just... so many interns that day. But I like to think it was worth it for the experience.

People ask me all the time, "Why didn't you take a picture?" and the answer is, aside from the severe liability issues that accompany failing to secure your premises against revenge-seeking poltergeists, that I prefer to live in the moment, and not through a camera lens or anybody else.
And that is what stopping to smell otherwise disgusting roses is all about.
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