20 Kids Who Are Straight up Weirdos

Kids are hands-down the weirdest f**king creatures on this planet.

If you're a parent, congratulations. No, I really mean that. I am not a parent and I can't imagine dealing with another living human. Something that I have to take care of and keep healthy and alive? Excuse me, but I can't even do that for myself.

Honestly I have the diet of a single dad whose ex just took everything but his motorcycle. I drink coffee and alcohol. Rarely will I have the most important beverage in life...water.

What I'm saying is kudos to those who do have kids, because they seem like f**king nightmare. I cringed just putting this gallery together. Good lord just take a look at the thumbnail on this piece. I'm not ready for it. So we sourced the Twitter account, KidsBeingWeird to collect the weirdest kids out there.

I guess if you can take anything from this gallery, it's that you're not alone as a parent because everybody's kid is just an alien in human skin. And to all of you who aren't parents. Hell yeah! Let's continue to celebrate being selfish!
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