20 Pics That Answer the Question "What Happens If?"

An odd collection of pictures from people who learned first hand what happens if you, (insert forgetful or purposeful action here). Like microwaving a bag of chips or leaving a black shirt in your car for months. Well if you're curious, be curious no more.

Human beings have an innate curiosity. That curiosity has allowed us to make unprecedented advances in the world and society, curing diseases, creating technology, and building inconceivable and spectacular things. That curiosity has allowed us to create new questions we could answer, and stay persistent in the ever evolving pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Human beings are amazing at answering the question of "what if." The problem is, there are so many questions that we can't leave all of them for the smart people. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to answer the "what if" questions that maybe don't need answers quite so badly, so those smart people don't need to waste their time on them.
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