20 Tweets That Have No Business Being This Unhinged

Twitter is an unpredictable sh*t storm most of the time. That's what makes it unique. But sometimes it gets to be a bit too much.

Thanks to the Twitter account Unhinged Tweets, we've collected another batch of just that. The most unhinged tweets from the wild and mysterious land of Twitter. They're offensive, they're confusing, and most of all they are enshrined forever.

We've snagged everything from screenshots of deleted posts, to oversharing cringe tweets, to statements that make absolutely no f**king sense. Listen internet, we here at eBaum's World - we're concerned for you. Are you okay? Some of these tweets are from way out in left field and we just wanted to check in on your well-being.

Just remember folks, if you put something online, it lasts forever. All good things must come to an end, except the internet.

So buckle up because these tweets are something else. Unhinged would be an understatement.
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