20 Unhinged Tweets That Have Zero Chill

If you're looking for some absolutely deranged tweets, you've come to the right place.

Thanks to the Twitter account Unhinged Tweets we've collected some of the most insanely bizarre tweets both still existing, and those that have been deleted but someone was smart enough to grab a screenshot before they were lost forever.

If anything this gallery proves that anybody with a keyboard can go viral. That's pretty wild if you think about it. Hey, but that's the internet. Some people have the confidence (or stupidity) to post whatever thought comes to their head first. Others attempt to backtrack by deleting said posts, but the internet is always quicker than you are.

I typically say 'buckle up' before you look through most of these galleries. But honestly for this one, just jump out of the moving car. Tuck and roll. Run away as fast as you can. Then look back cautiously. That's my advice.
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Categories: Wtf Creepy Facepalm Cringe Fail


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