21 Funny Comments That Left a Mark

Sometimes all you need is the right post teed up, or maybe you do the baiting yourself. We often see some funny, absurd, and incendiary comments both on this website, as well as on places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and basically, anywhere else there is a way to leave a comment. Sometimes you have to have a keen eye and find the right moment, other times the perfect opportunity presents itself for your to shoot your shot.

However you prefer to troll through the comment sections, we are sure there is something in here that will teach you something about roasting strangers into oblivion while making sure you can bob and weave the replies so you don't get REKT yourself. Be careful out there, these days comment sections are no holds bar. Be thankful you didn't end up on the wrong side of a joke this week, because along with us the collective internet will not hesitate to laugh at your suffering and might even roast you themselves.
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