21 Comments That Hit Their Mark

The internet is full of smart people and smartasses. There are some folks who love delivering a savage comeback, hilarious comment, or the perfect reply to an underinformed or poorly timed post. If you are not careful you can find yourself the victim of these internet savages. So feel free to comment and post as you please around the world wide web but you might want to tread lightly and keep your head down unless you actually want to end up in one of these galleries somewhere online.

If you make dumb comments online expect someone to come along and put you in your place. Here are some stories of people who shot off tweets without first thinking how people would respond. If you are going to ruin someone in a public forum, make sure you take them out in one shot.

Savage comments and funny comebacks are kind of our thing, so check em' out and pass em' along.

Funny comments and hot takes that show people have a sense of humor.
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