21 Dumb Jokes From Clever People

The only thing funnier than seeing a good joke online is watching dumb people misinterpret or completely miss the joke and then proceed to own themselves by trying to understand it.

This process is more satisfying than watching dominos fall down or seeing a dog get shaved. It's seriously a treat for the mind, so here we've collected some of the funniest ones in recent memory.

And in case any of these jokes have been going over your head, feel free to send us a message to let us know and we'll be happy to explain any of these jokes here to you in a one-on-one chat session. Fees may apply.

So take a few moments and check out another round of dumb jokes and the clever people who make them as traps for the 'takes everything too seriously' scrollers out there. Someone get these folks a ladder because they totally missed the joke.
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