20 Dank Memes That Will Wait For You

Memes are fun. They're an oft-needed, readily-accessible distraction from the pressures of the world. From that gnawing feeling in the back of the mind that you might be leaving something on the table. That there might be more. That there might've been more.

And that's all well and good when you're looking to unwind after a hard day's work. But just make sure that unwinding never becomes your final goal; that these hand-delivered distractions of "unparalleled dank" never divert your gaze from the true objective: whatever image flits through your mind in the moments before sleep. Whatever that little kid drawing suns with smiles and elongated U's for "birds" wanted, way back then.

So go on, scroll away. Revel in the dank. But don't let distractions be your consolation prize. Remember that as hard as today was, it was also miraculous. Take stock of how unfathomable it is that the quarks-and-protons-assembled-into-atoms-assembled-into-cells assembled-into-you has the ability to perceive such dankness as awaits you below. That even the cheeto-dust-wiping-sweatpants-wearing version of yourself (hopefully) in another dimension is a being made of pure stardust and recycled atoms billions of years old.

So just remember to savor each and every bare naked moment as it slips through your fingers and to scroll -- responsibly.
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