60 Funny Memes and Random Pics for Your Daily Dose

Happy Hump Day ladies and gents! As we make our way through another week, some of us are prepping for Hurricane Ian, which is currently verging on a Category 5 Hurricane, set to hit land sometime this evening. If you are in any of the impact areas in Florida, be sure to make sure you have your preparations ready, plenty of bottled water and nonperishable food items, batteries, flashlights, etc. Once the storm makes landfall, it is no longer safe to try and leave the impact zones, so don't be foolish and make sure you shelter in place and heed local weather alerts and advisories. We will keep our friends and family members in Florida in our thoughts and prayers.

So take a break from the day and enjoy a nice assortment of hand-picked memes and random pics that are sure to brighten up your day, help you forget about your troubles, and cruise on through the rest of the week with ease.

If you missed yesterday's Daily Dose you can check it out HERE.
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