21 of the Wildest Headlines From This Week

If I were a financial advice columnist, I simply wouldn’t put $50,000 in a shoe box and give it to a man on the street who says he’s with the government.

We’ve gathered all of the wildest headlines from stories published this week so you can be informed of not only the important news but also the weird news. Yeah, you could talk about climate change but who in your social group knows about the undercover cop who arrested a woman while dressed as a Care Bear? 

The group chat is not well-versed in the insanity that is the musical animated epic that JLO has decided to spend her money on. It’s time for you to step up and send your friends stories about how Irish actor, Barry Keoghan has been cast in a Saddam Hussein biopic. And you need to hold suspense long enough before you break the news that he is not playing Saddam!

Scroll down and get your funny ironic news. A fire extinguisher company went up in flames this week. 

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