21 Perfect Fits That Satisfy Our Eyes

Cleanse your eyes. Thanks to the subreddit r/PerfectFit we've collected some of the most satisfying pics that fit like a glove.

We don't really have an explanation for how this stuff fits the way it does. Some people are incredible at organizing and packing and it just makes sense to 'Tetris' their way through life. Other people just happen to have amazing luck, apparently.

We've got everything from furniture to food. Basically anything that shouldn't fit, but somehow magically'll see it in this gallery. The other side of this is that these photos are super satisfying to look at.

Sure, there are thousands of other things the internet has to offer. But for some reason, a dude putting his Xbox inside of another ever-so-slightly-larger box is the most satisfying thing to my eyes right now. So get ready to have your brain, soul, and eyes cleansed with some perfectly fit photos.
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