22 Clever Comments That Hit Their Mark

The internet can be full of hilarious comments, funny people, and straight up savagery at times. From roasts and witty comebacks to punny jokes and clever replies, there is an endless supply of entertainment and humor to keep you from being bored.

If you're not ready for the heat then stay out of the comment section. These people learned their lessons the hard way, by teeing up these trolls with the perfect setup. If you plan on going after your internet enemies in comments, make sure you strike once and strike true.

Check out this batch of pics that showcase some of the wit and humor from people online who have perfected the art of delivering the perfect comment, reply, or roast. Even with strangers on the internet, it can be fun to engage with people in the comment sections or on forums such as Reddit's /r/roastme. Just be aware, if you don't come prepared you may get your feelings hurt.
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