20 Fresh Memes of Unspeakable Dankness

You never know when a dank meme or two might come in handy. Maybe you're commuting to or from work, staring into the abyssal gumbo of indecision and missed chances that is your life, and in dire need of a quick distraction from the knowledge that it's all meaningless now.

Or perhaps you've reached home and are now staring from the darkness of your bedroom down into the yard of your athletic, good-looking neighbor surrounded by friends at his birthday bash.

Perhaps you've just, moments ago, jumped the fence into his yard in the dead of night and begun drenching that opulent gazebo you can stare at no longer from your window in gasoline, your face grinning in the dim light of the match you've just struck and you need something, anything to make you stop, stop.

Or maybe, just maybe, you're now on the run from the police, gleefully unhinged and wholly alive, camped out in the woods inside a rusted out abandoned car, looking for some way to pass the time as the last of your phone's battery trickles away, grinning.
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